CNC Machining Center

Prototype to high volume production.Lathe, milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, two CMM inspection. 

Quality Control

Project delivery process

1. Order Reception: Firstly, receive the customer’s order, including detailed information such as part drawings, quantity requirements, and material specifications.

2. Material Procurement: Purchase the required raw materials according to the order requirements, ensuring that the materials meet the required quality and specifications.

3. Programming and Setup: Develop machining processes and programs based on customer-provided part drawings. Simultaneously, prepare the CNC machine tools, cutting tools, and fixtures required for machining.

4. Machine Setup and Trial Run: Set up the CNC machine tools to the correct machining parameters and perform trial runs and debugging to ensure accurate execution of machining programs.

5. Part Machining: Utilize CNC machine tools to machine parts precisely according to the programmed instructions, such as cutting, milling, or drilling, to produce parts that meet the required specifications.

6. Quality Control and Inspection: Conduct quality control and inspection during the machining process to ensure that the dimensions, surface quality, and geometric shapes of the parts meet the drawing requirements.

7. Surface Treatment (Optional): Perform surface treatments such as grinding, coating, or anodizing according to customer requirements to improve the surface finish and corrosion resistance of the parts.

8. Assembly and Packaging: Assemble the machined parts if necessary and package them securely to ensure they are not damaged during transportation.

9. Delivery to Customer: Deliver the machined parts to the customer promptly according to their requirements and agreements, completing the order delivery.

These are the general steps involved in the CNC machining process from order placement to delivery. Specific procedures may vary depending on your order requirements.

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